5 Free Graphic Design Tools For Beginners

It’s a well-known fact that visual elements are an integral part of an effective social media / marketing strategy for any business. People are drawn to eye-catching images, graphics, etc. much more than they are written text. The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” doesn’t come from nowhere! But what do you do […]

Make Marketing A Habit

We all know that good marketing is the key to a successful business. Being amazing at your trade but having no one know about you is, well pointless. Marketing is such a powerful tool to get right but it can seem overwhelming to new businesses, with many different strategies to choose from and each one […]

Top 5 Social Media Post Topics For Small Businesses

Running your businesses social media can feel a little daunting if you’re just getting started with it. What should you post and when? Being present online isn’t about having the loudest voice and simply posting something on your page every day / week. There is a proven system to keeping your audience engaged on your […]


Digital Marketing Agency What is PPC? PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click and is exactly that! You create an advert and only pay when someone clicks on the ad and visits your page… simple as that. Well, pretty much! When creating your ad, you will bid on keywords related to the business/product/service (e.g. plumber, reliable, Sheffield) and […]

Our donation to the Oldham Quiet Ones

Back in 2020 our team at Castle were contacted by a charity in Oldham looking to build a new website to help attract more visitors to their page.  Oldham Quiet Ones are an amazing charity supporting Laryngectomy patients (the process of removing the Larynx after a cancer diagnosis), and after learning more about the group […]

Mobile First Design

Local Web Designer near me

It isn’t a secret that we all live in a mobile world. Gone are the days of sitting in front of a desktop computer, logging on to browse the internet. Today over 59% of web traffic comes from mobile devices alone and sites like Google are predominantly using the mobile version of the content for […]

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary Launch New Website!

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary today announce the launch of its new website, designed by Worksop marketing agency, Castle Creativity. Thornberry Animal Sanctuary has grown as a charity throughout recent years, rehoming more than 600 animals last year. The redesign became a necessary step in the charity’s development, as the charity continues to evolve and shift in […]

3 simple reasons your website is turning your customers away

3 simple reasons your website is turning your customers away With people having more and more distractions, there are always more reasons why customers might not find your website or online presence. What is even worse though, is when they find you and you put them off at first glance. If a user has a […]

How can I make my website work for my customers and for my business?

How can I make my website work for my customer and for my business? As the old adage goes, the customer is always right. You simply must make your website work for your users…. but you also need to make it work for you. We’ve come up with some short tips for you to make […]

A logo we designed appeared on BBC Look North

Worksop Graphic Design A logo we designed for World Changing Places Day appeared on Look North. “We asked Castle Creative if they would design a logo for us for World Changing Places Day. As the day was the first of its kind, we wanted it to be something special which could be used for many […]