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When it comes to digital marketing we’ve got you covered. We take the very best practice and work with you to achieve your goals. We’ve lots of services we can offer including inbound and outbound marketing.

Digital Marketing Services

Social Media

Having consistent social media templates increase your online visual presence creating a design style customers match to your business/service.


Pay per click advertising (PPC) is exactly that – you pay for each click generated from your advert.


Email marketing campaigns are effective methods of retaining customers.


Rise your way to the top of the search rankings with our team's technical expertise.

Our support comes from a team of experts who are ready to help you.

Our HQ in Worksop is alive with Digital Marketing support for businesses across the UK. We’ve experience in delivering projects and we can also complement your existing team with on going day-to-day support.

Our Main Services

Search Ads

Google & Bing

If you’re looking for eyes on your message quickly and from a large audience, this could be a great way to achieve this. Pay per click puts your advert in front of your target audience in a number of ways. Depending on the channel used, they may already be looking for the information you’re offering or they meet the audience demographic for your product.

Using Google or Microsoft Ads, you’re able to not only get your advert directly in front of your ideal consumer, but done the right way could also mean yours is the first advert they see.

Social Media is another great channel to use pay per click as it again directs your advert to your key demographic but can also look at those people talking about the same issues you’re targeting. Whichever channel you use, pay per click can benefit your marketing strategy hugely, especially when you want to see fast results!

Social Media Ads

Using social media for your business is vital. It enables you to reach a huge audience instantly and get your product in front of those who otherwise might not know to look for it.

You need to first think about the type of social media that suits your brand and your target audience. Which platform are you likely to reach your consumer? Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn? Each platform has a very different main audience and so your digital marketing strategy should reflect this.

Wins on Social Media are not simply being the one to make the most noise… There’s plenty of that already! Your goal is to deliver a clear, engaging snapshot image of what you’re offering and to be a perfect extension of you and your business.

Socials, used in the right way has the potential to deliver huge results to your business in terms of visibility, customer engagement and even market research, allowing you to see how to best interact with your customers in their own environment.

Email Marketing

Regular Touchpoints with Prospects

Email marketing offers a different aspect to advertising, this method is more personal and can be developed for a specific purpose. Sending adverts and updates out via email has never been so relevant, with the world becoming digital, everyone is checking emails all the time. We can create smart looking & smart design email adverts – whether you want to show off you new product to your customers, or relay a simple message. 


Optimise you Search Engine. 

Six seconds is the average time we have to grab our customers’ attention and let them know what we’re about once they’ve clicked on their search engine. We’ll make sure those six seconds aren’t wasted and that customers find you for exactly what you’re offering.

Companies that successfully utilise Search Engine Optimisation and work to find a place on Google’s first page see an average increase of 32% website visits!

Let us take the stress of this ever-evolving process so you’re able to sit back and reap the rewards in website traffic and sales conversions

Castle Creativity Print design


Regular Touchpoints with Prospects

Although online marketing is seen as king,  don’t neglect the power of your offline marketing! 

Leaflets, booklets and posters can go a long way in keeping your business and brand in prospective client’s mind. Consider sending regular newsletters, gifting branded pens, notepads and mugs to current and prospective clients. You’ve worked hard on your brand, show it off wherever you can!

Our design team can create everything print and merchandise to support your offline marketing needs. 

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Client Comments

Brilliant Castle Creativity!

Castle Creativity recently helped us review, design and build two Branded web sites. They constantly looked for the right solution for us rather than just the quickest, even when we threw quite complex issues at them. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with throughout the process, and offer superb on-going after support. Would not hesitate to recommend them.

K De Cruz // Salon Europe