A brand refresh and new website

Here is how we helped the wonderful people of Thornberry Animal Sanctuary, to further extend the reach of their much needed support.

Here's what Thornberry Animal Sanctuary were looking to achieve

As part of an wider ongoing refresh of Thornberry Animal Sanctuary as a whole, they were looking to update their old website to match the new feel and needs of the business, as they were hoping to see an influx of visitors to their site and needed to be confident the new website could both manage the new traffic and impress its new audience.

They wanted a site that would give its visitors more information about the animals they care for before visiting in person in the hopes of streamlining the adoption process. They also wanted the new site to be easier for the team at Thornberry Animal Sanctuary to update regularly with information on their animals available for rehoming. 

Services used:

A New website

extremely easy to work with and took the time to listen

"Castle Creativity recently transformed our website for us. Luke and his team were extremely easy to work with and took the time to listen to us and understand everything that we wanted to achieve. They were able to deliver a website that met our needs perfectly and were extremely patient throughout the process. Thornberry would highly recommend them."

G Jenkins-Omar Fundraising Manager

Here's how we helped Thornberry Animal Sanctuary achieve their goals

With a fresh new website in place, capable of engaging and managing a new and increased audience, the results were quickly realised! Thornberry Animal Sanctuary were seeing a significant increase in traffic to their site, which lead to more donations being made regularly online. They were also seeing more people applying to rehome their animals and were able to streamline communication with interested parties. 

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary were so happy with the outcome of the new website and the difference it made to the animals in their care.

Easy to use

With its clean, modern design and streamlined features, the new website was much easier for visitors to navigate and to learn more about Thornberry Animal Sanctuary


The new website's strong call to action and prominent and easy to use donation page, Thornberry quickly saw a significant increase in the number of donations coming through online.

Simple CMS

We built a custom back end system that allowed staff to easily update fields within the website, where new animals profiles can be created and sorted via their meta data - keeping everything consistent, on brand and easy to use.

A new revamped logo with new corporate typefaces refreshed the Thornberry image.

Original Logo
New Logo

New brand identity elements

A new 'cloud' divider offering a fun and effective way to separate content.

We created a unique image design that reflected the fun and kind nature of Thornberry.

Creating a new Google Ads account in order to help Thornberry help animals.

We worked with the Thornberry team to set up their Google ads account, as a means of generating relevant traffic to their new site. With the findings we had from our meetings we carried about a keyword research exercise to present them with the more efficient way of structuring their account. Thornberry Animal Sanctuary are a charity and therefore were eligible for the Google Ad Grant. Each qualifying nonprofit has access to up to $10,000 per month in search ads shown on Google.com

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