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As technology develops and streaming services continue to rise across our mobile devices, video and animated media grows at an incredible rate. It’s no surprise that engagement is so high when you tell your business story in a media format that is both entertaining and informative.

Worksop Video Company


Whether it be an explainer video or an awesome brand awareness video campaign, our team has you covered!


Adverts can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and formats. Speak to our team to find out your best media outlet.

Social Media Stories

Social media is embedded in our society, don't miss out on it's potential!


We can portray your message through sleek and simple animations.

When you look for Media support in Worksop, you’ll find Castle Creativity has the answer.

We love to hear your story and help you tell it in a way we know your audiences will truly enjoy and engage with.

Media comes in so many different forms, no matter how we tell your story, you are safe in the knowledge that our HQ in Worksop is full to the brim of media ideas ready to unleash to an audience that wants to listen.

Some of our work

Flashpoint Music Festival

Promo Video, Video, Advert

“We were looking to the increase awareness of our music festival from the previous year. We found Castle Creativity’s team to be very friendly, hardworking, strategic and knowledgeable. With their help we were able to introduce a new way of marketing our festival which was more cost effective than our previous approach. This allowed our set budget to last longer, which was important as we outlined a set max spend. Without the help of Castle Creativity we would have struggled to make as much of an impact as we did”
N Butkeraitis

iHus Granny Annexe

Video Walkthrough

iHUS tasked us with creating a video walk through of one of their newly built annexes. We figured out that taking steady panorama videos of different areas of the annex was our best option, as this showed all the detail in a steady motion. We also added background music with a happy and inviting vibe, adding to the viewing experience. 

Annexe Reviews with Tony Blackburn

Customer Interview/Customer Review

iHUS were looking to capture customer feedback of their newly finished Granny Annexes and with their new Brand Ambassador, Tony Blackburn, wanted this feedback in an interview format. Our team were there at hand to capture this conversation with cut in views of the interior and exterior of the property.

VR Tour

Sales Collateral, Promotional Video

iHUS tasked us with creating a video walkthrough of one of their newly built annexes and to put this into a Virtual Reality format.. We figured out that taking steady panorama videos of different areas of the annex was our best option. As this shown all the detail in a steady motion. We also added background music with a happy and inviting vibe, this adds to the viewing experience. 

this is us...

About Us: Dojo Combat Sport

Educational Video, Promotional Video

Dojo contacted us when they wanted to reach a new audience and show off what they have to offer with an educational / promotional video. 

Our team worked with Dojo to determine what they wanted to portray and who their audience was so we knew how best to create the video. 

T Fest Promo

Promo Video, Video, Advert

A local village was running getting ready for its annual festival ‘T Fest’ and contacted our team about creating a promotional video to be used the following year to drum up interest early and increase sales. 

Our team attended the weekend festival and captured video clips of the artists, attendees, stalls and overall atmosphere of the festival, including audio from the musical acts and audience reactions. 

This video was then used on T Fest’s social media and website.

Story Animation

Customer Interview/Customer Review

CRS contacted our team at Castle Creativity about creating an educational, yet fun and easy to digest, animation video to explain what the business does and how it can help their customers.

We worked with CRS to be able to capture the personality of the company to really make the animation personal to them. 

Worksop Video Company

Photography/Drone Media

Social Media Ads, Branding

iHus were looking to add another element to their marketing campaign by introducing drone footage of the newly built Granny Annexes to show how these fit within the main property they’re built on. 

Our team were able to capture scenic, birds-eye views that perfectly showed off the exterior property and met iHus’s expectations.

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