Top 5 Social Media Post Topics For Small Businesses

Running your businesses social media can feel a little daunting if you’re just getting started with it. What should you post and when? Being present online isn’t about having the loudest voice and simply posting something on your page every day / week. There is a proven system to keeping your audience engaged on your social media.

Here are our top 5 social media post topics for small businesses like you.


Brand category is all about you. Who you are and what your business is about. You want to talk about your values, your team ethics, your personality. This is where you show your raw, authentic and relatable side so as to connect with your audience. Your aim is to create meaningful reactions with your audience and show that you are more than just a faceless company – you are human, just like your reader and you share the same problems and issues as they do.


This topic is where you show your expertise in the field you’re working in. Give them tips and tricks to show you want to help and are happy to offer support for free, because you care! To ensure you’re keeping this regular, you could dedicate a specific day a week to Q&A’s, answering your FAQ’s. You want to educate your audience so they feel they’ve really gained something from you without needing to invest anything themselves. This will allow a natural loyalty to build leading to faster investment overall.


This is ultimately the ‘feel good’ section of your page. Here you want to encourage conversations between you, your readers and each other. Talk about any community projects or events you’ve been involved in, any charity causes you’ve supported. You want to show you you’re actively involved in your community and are aware of those important issues. You could add contests and polls, anything that your reader engaged. This will allow people to feel connected to your business and see that you are a thoughtful and aware member of the community.


This is where your hard call to actions come into play. Here you’ll push your products, services, promotions and offers. Before you move onto this topic, make sure you’ve used topics 1-3 (brand category, industry focused, community engagement) a few times so that you’ve already built up a nice relationship with your audience so that these won’t come across as ‘hard/cold sales’. You want to focus on 1-2 of your products/services as any time so as not to overwhelm your reader by discussing anything and everything you offer! Pick a specific product/service you want to push at that time and leave the rest for later. Every now and then you can do a ‘here’s everything in one place’ post but keep these few and far between! As always, make sure you have a clear ‘call to action’ to ensure you see the conversion you need, e.g. buy here, redeem voucher here.


This section is everything in between! Women’s History Month, Black History month, national days e.g. anti-bullying, autism awareness, etc. Discuss any trending topics, create your own dedicated day to topics e.g. Monday Motivation, Tip Tuesday, etc. You could use this section to start engagement with Social Media sites or people in the industry by giving them a shout out. Miscellaneous is literally anything to fill in the gaps between the other topics that will help keep up your engagement and keep your page fresh in people’s mind.

Still feels like a bit of a mind field? Speak to a member of our team today and we’ll help guide you on your way to a well-oiled social media presence!

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