A new look Lindrick group

Lindrick Construction is a one-stop shop for all things Construction; from building and electrical to eco builds and engineering. They’re a well known and respected local family business running successfully for over 15 years and providing top quality projects, large and small, to its clients. With the company ever expanding and growing, Lindrick Construction were looking to update their marketing to meet its new demand effectively.

A New Look for lindrick

Lindrick Construction approached our team at Castle Creativity looking to create a range of new websites for their separate businesses (Lindrick Electrical, Lindrick Eco Build, etc.), and a group level site to tie this all together.

They wanted to create a consistent look and feel across the group to ensure its customers felt confident they were still getting the same high quality service from any of the group’s companies. We wanted to give each site its own individual identity whilst remaining consistent and complementary to the original and effective Lindrick Construction branding.

Ultimately the groups main aim for its new site was to create new interest and leads for projects. From this, our team knew we had to focus on presenting the group’s past projects for new customers to explore. We wanted to make sure this was done in a way that both engages with and informs the reader, without overwhelming. We helped Lindrick Construction with




project showcase

Lindrick Construction Group were looking to create a new website that would better show off their past and current projects to prospective clients and that would support their call to action in the hopes of increasing their current conversion rate. 

We knew we need to design a clean, simple website where visitors could seamlessly browse through images, videos and text in a way that’s easy to digest but that communicates everything needed. 

I honestly can't speak highly enough of them!

We use Castle Creativity for all of our marketing/website and content creation and honestly can't speak highly enough of him. Personable, approachable, knowledgable, and overall a really nice guy to deal with. We wouldn't go anywhere else now. Force Contracting Services are a multi-million pound turnover company working on complex niche projects ranging in value from £500k to £5m. Marketing is a crucial part of what we do and Castle Creativity play a big role in that.

M Wadey Recruitment Director

Project E-Book

With printed brochures playing a significant role in property development marketing in the past, we wanted to create something that prospective clients could have at their fingertips at all times. 

We designed and created a ‘Project E-Book’ that could be downloaded directly from the website to showcase past and current projects that would work to help tender applications and commercial construction business.

The Challenge

The challenge for this new site was in the mobile User Experience (UX). We need to ensure that the site ticked all the boxes without losing the reader part way through their journey due to longer loading time across pages or the site being harder to navigate using a mobile device rather than desktop.

The Strategy

Our team met with Lindrick early on in the process to get a good understanding of the type of people that were visiting their site currently and who were its target audience for its new site. With this information, together we were able to determine how to tailor the new site to its audience. We got a feel of their priorities and then structured the user journey to suit this, both across desktop and mobile sites.

With the group’s aim of presenting past projects, we worked to create case studies that fully informed the reader whilst remaining eye-catching, engaging and easy to digest, which would ultimately support our need to maintain an excellent user experience. For each project, we included a slideshow of images, a short project overview including project type, value and timescale, and project details, providing a more thorough description, including the clients original aim for the project and a client review to support.

The Outcome

Our team created Lindrick Construction, a site that had consistent branding throughout and that formed clear brand guidelines for the group to use going forward. The new site had a much stronger Call to Action which subsequently led the client to see an increase in leads almost instantly. With a much more detailed project overview and relevant case studies, the office team were provided with a much better resource to direct its customers to, in order to show craftsmanship and scope.

We were confident we were able to create a site that fully supported Lindrick Constructions aim – to perfectly present their past work to a new audience, with supporting information and advice, with clear calls to action throughout in order to meet their aim of creating interest and leads.

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Client Comments

Brilliant Castle Creativity!

Castle Creativity recently helped us review, design and build two Branded web sites. They constantly looked for the right solution for us rather than just the quickest, even when we threw quite complex issues at them. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with throughout the process, and offer superb on-going after support. Would not hesitate to recommend them.

K De Cruz // Salon Europe