Make Marketing A Habit

We all know that good marketing is the key to a successful business. Being amazing at your trade but having no one know about you is, well pointless. Marketing is such a powerful tool to get right but it can seem overwhelming to new businesses, with many different strategies to choose from and each one requiring a level of skill to get right. How are you to know which strategy would work best for you and your business? The first and most important thing to know is that, making your marketing a success is to make it a habit.

With everything in life, consistency is key. Putting your brand out there and then not showing your face for another few weeks/months will allow viewers to quickly forget about you and move on to the next business who is staying present! Marketing is about building a relationship with your current and potential customers. Creating a loyalty between you that will make it so your customer wouldn’t dream of using anyone else but you. To achieve this, you need to stay consistent with your message and your branding, keeping your name in the forefront of people’s mind and building that much needed trust.

Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. You need to have a long-term game plan when it comes to successfully marketing your business. Therefore, keeping on track of this without getting distracted by other priorities will help you ensure this isn’t being neglected and therefore knocking you back a few steps to getting to your business goal.

This can also help you measure your results as you go and reduce the risk of you spending too much time on something that isn’t working. With new technology and trends, marketing is an ever-evolving field and it’s important to stay up to date with new techniques that are working well for others. For example, TikTok is the newest social media platform blowing up across the world, and businesses are finding amazing results in using this as a platform to advertise on. Making marketing a habit will ensure you track your results and make changes and improvements when necessary.

Now we know the importance of making marketing a habit, how do we do it? Here’s a few of our top tips to get you started:

  • Set aside time regularly

Plan in time each week to spend specifically on marketing. Don’t let other ‘priorities’ creep in to this time; dedicate it solely to marketing activities! This can be as little as a couple of hours each week or dedicated full days.

  • Create yourself a calendar

A marketing calendar is your plan to outline the marketing activities you need to complete over set period of time. You may choose to create a full year/quarter plan or create a new one at the start of each new month so you can evaluate the previous and make any changes. This will help organise your time and ensure you stay consistent with your marketing tasks.

  • Automate your marketing

There are now so many online tools that allow you to automate your marketing so you can bulk design and upload at the start of the month and not have to think about it again! Social media scheduling platforms, email marketing such as Mail Chimp are all tools that will save you time and allow you to streamline your marketing efforts.

Once you’ve made marketing a habit, you can be confident in staying consistent in promoting your business and attracting new customers, allowing you to grow. Although it can take time and effort, you can be sure the long-term benefits will be more than worth it!

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